Your Single Source Solution—
We Have All the Ports Covered

Through our Remote Location Filing license, JDC International can electronically process Customs Clearance documentation on behalf of our clients at virtually every port or airport in the United States. Rather than maintaining a list of brokers in each port, you simply have one call to make for all your customs clearance needs.

How It Works
Upon receipt of your instructions JDC International will transmit all information and special requirements Customs and Border Control relating to the customs approved Port of Entry. Once the entry is transmitted, Customs and Border Control will transmit the required electronic releases from Customs and the other government agencies involved.

  • A single point of contact for all your US Customs Clearance requirements
  • Reduction in processing time means you get your cargo sooner
  • A consistent process that complies with customs requirements
  • A reduction in paperwork and communication
  • Cost reduction in messenger fees and other incidental costs

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